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Iran – Tehran – Hakim Highway – Allameh Jafari Highway – South Andisheh – Twelve Meter First – No. 6

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Azin Bronze Industrial Group

Azin Bronze Babish Industrial Group is one of the pioneers in the production of sanitary and construction faucets in our dear country of Iran, with a brilliant history of twenty years.

Azin bronze collection

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This collection uses the most advanced modern domestic and foreign equipment and machines and focus and attention on the quality of products. Services and reasonable pricing have been able to include a large share of the domestic market and neighboring countries in its customer group.

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It is hoped that due to the diligent efforts of the experts and elite engineers of this industry, we will be able to take a firm step towards improving the national production and maintaining the satisfaction of our loyal customers.

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هیوا / Hiva

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هلیا / Helia

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آرچر / Archer

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